Grants and opportunities from the New Hampshire State Council on the Arts are a public investment in the cultural life of our state. Each competitive grant and opportunity category is designed to meet an important purpose and need, and aligns with our current Strategic Plan.

Before applying for a grant or opportunity, it is very important to learn about the requirements and obligations of a grantee and read over the guidelines carefully. Click here for a list of Grant Basics, where you'll find information on how the grant application process works, grantee responsibilities, a glossary of grant terms, frequently asked questions, information on grants workshops, some grant writing tips, as well as information on setting up a nonprofit organization.

Arts grants and opportunities impact our communities in many ways, helping to promote a lively economy and enhance the quality of life in communities. To learn about previously funded arts grants and the impact they have in New Hampshire, please click here.

Please click here for a complete listing of current grant and opportunity categories and links to guidelines.

Questions about the online application system should be directed to Ginnie Lupi at or 603-271-8418.

The Traditional Arts & Folklife Listing is a directory of traditional artists, community scholars, and folklorists who are available for performances, demonstrations, workshops, and other community-based presentations in New Hampshire. The Traditional Arts and Folklife Listing is a resource for arts organizations, museums, community groups, schools, and other groups that want to include traditional arts and artists in their programs and for artists who wish to present their traditions in community settings. The Listing provides information about the artist, their traditional art form, and types of presentations offered. 

Full application guidelines can be found here.

Applications for this Listing are reviewed on a rolling basis.

FY2016/2017 Final Reports are due no later than 11:59 pm July 31, 2017.

Extensions may be requested for up to 90 days. Requests must be submitted in writing to the appropriate grant program coordinator before the deadline for filing has passed. Failure to submit this report by the original or extended due date will make your organization ineligible to apply for any type of State Arts Council grant for two years from the due date of report.